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At PatientsCan UK, we are passionate about prioritising patients in all of our projects and initiatives. We recognise the crucial role that patients play in the medical cannabis industry, and as an organisation founded and funded by patients, we are deeply committed to enhancing patient experiences and addressing all of their unique needs.

At PatientsCan UK, we take a patient-centred approach to everything we do. We believe that patients should have a voice in their own care and treatment, and we work tirelessly to ensure that their needs and concerns are always heard and taken into account. Whether we are advocating for more patient-focused policies, conducting research into new treatment options, or working to improve access to care, we are always driven by our commitment to putting patients first.

The work we do at PatientsCann is entirely voluntary, and funding for our projects are done through our own pockets or generous donations from patients and industry organisations. If you would like to support us, you can donate here.

Mo "Ish" Wasway

Founder & Director

As the founder of PatientsCann UK, formerly The Sanskara Platform, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of medical cannabis on public health and well-being. Despite facing discrimination and stigma due to my background and upbringing, my experiences have only fuelled my commitment to cannabis reform. From supplying cannabis to medical cannabis advocate, I’ve undergone a transformative journey. I am determined to spread awareness, debunk misconceptions, and fight prejudice surrounding medical cannabis. Through PatientsCann, I use my voice to advocate for reform and improve lives.

Berta Kaguako

Volunteer & Podcast Host

My name is Berta Kaguako, a health and social care consultant and advocate for medical cannabis patients. I battle fibromyalgia, arthritis, hemianesthesia, bilateral sciatica, Morton’s neuroma, chronic pain, a Syrinx on my spine, long COVID, and asthma, totaling 38 overlapping symptoms. Since 2019, medical cannabis has helped manage my symptoms, enabling NHS treatment for less debilitating issues. I advocate for patients with complex health needs, having struggled to advocate for myself due to challenges with healthcare professionals, worsening both my physical and mental health.

Shazia Elahi

Product & Strategy Volunteer

After a terrifying experience with Prozac and Sertraline, battling debilitating side effects and facing cultural shame, I found solace in medical cannabis. Despite initial doubts about its medicinal use, it drastically improved my life. As a British Pakistani, stigma surrounded my choice, but I refuse to stay silent. Now a Product Consultant and advocate for PatientsCann, I believe in the universal right to access medical cannabis. In my spare time, I enjoy learning, yoga, art, and music. My mission is to fight stigma, ensuring everyone can access their legal prescription without shame or fear.

Pedro Patrocinio

General Volunteer

Hi my name is Pedro, I’m 30 years old a gamer and a UK Medical Cannabis patient. I work for a business consultancy firm as an operations manager and now looking to raise awareness of the benefits of medical cannabis and to challenge the stigma we face as patients every day.

With more volunteers supporting us in the background!

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