Patients with a legal medical cannabis prescription should be treated the same as any other medical patient with a condition or disability.

We have seen that many patients are being refused entry to certain venues do to possessing their medical cannabis prescription, although this is completely unlawful. This is due to the lack of information that is shared and that many are unaware medical cannabis was legalised on the 1st November 2018.

Always try to contact the venue ahead of time to inform them and their security of your medical cannabis prescription and that you may be required to consume it as prescribed. You do not need to tell them what your condition/disability is. If you are being challenged by security or even the police, remind them of the Equality Act 2010 and cite the below sections. If you continue to have issues you should contact the venue management and make a complaint as you will be entitled to a full refund and compensation to cover costs, to and from the venue.

If you need to take it further you may contact the Equality & Human Rights Commission.

Comment from the Drugs Legislation Team at the Home Office

The Government is clear that there is a distinction between smoking and vaping in so far as smoking involves processes of combustion. We would expect manufacturers to provide evidence that the inhaling or delivery device operates without combustion and that no combustion processes occur in the source material when heating the device to produce an aerosol or vapor.

The Health Act 2006 introduced restrictions on smoking in public places and workplaces. As e-cigarettes or vaping devices do not contain tobacco and they emit vapour, not smoke, they are therefore not covered by the smoke-free regulations. Whilst it is not illegal to vape on public transport or indoor places, many businesses/operators will have their own policies in place, which may ban or restrict the use of vaping devices. It is therefore advisable to check with the venue or operator before using your device.

Former Public Health England published advice to support employers to develop policy for vaping in public and workplace settings.

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