Verifying a patient is quite sensitive, especially if not correctly advised.

If you are an employer, please obtain consent from your employee for them to provide their medical documents and this must be reviewed by a suitable qualified occupational health professional.

If the Police are to verify a patient they will need to follow the steps shown here…

Whether you have concerns over the services you receive from your clinic or dispensing pharmacy, or you have adverse effects from the medication prescribed to you… We’ve provided information that can help you report concerns and ensure you and other patients are taken care of and safe.

Are you concerned about driving while medicating with cannabis? Our guide has been put together to provide support and to ease your mind about driving with cannabis prescription medication.

Are you concerned about your employment due to your use of medical cannabis? Don’t worry, as long as your job doesn’t require you to operate heavy machinery or have specific job requirements, your medical information is confidential and you don’t have to disclose it.

If you need to speak to someone about issues with your employer please contact ACAS or your local Citizens Advice Bureau. We do not provide legal advice, if you require legal support please contact a specialist employment lawyer.

Patients should not be discriminated for their use of medical cannabis. As long as patients are consuming their medication as directed by their prescribing doctor, they are well within their rights to consume their medication where and whenever the patient deems necessary.

If you need medication while abroad, consult a pharmacy or healthcare provider for guidance. Keep in mind that the appearance and name of your prescribed medication may vary in other countries, and the active ingredients might differ.

After your trip, if you required additional medication supplies or started new medication abroad, it’s recommended to see your regular doctor for follow-up. If you feel unwell after traveling, seek advice from your GP or pharmacist.

Check out our table of information for popular holiday destinations. This table will gradually grow and change as we receive responses from individual countries.

Patients with a legal medical cannabis prescription should be treated the same as any other medical patient with a condition or disability.

We have seen that many patients are being refused entry to certain venues do to possessing their medical cannabis prescription, although this is completely unlawful. This is due to the lack of information that is shared and that many are unaware medical cannabis was legalised on the 1st November 2018.

Always try to contact the venue ahead of time to inform them and their security of your medical cannabis prescription and that you may be required to consume it as prescribed. You do not need to tell them what your condition/disability is. If you are being challenged by security or even the police in the UK, remind them of the Equality Act 2010 and cite the below sections. If you continue to have issues you should contact the venue management and make a complaint as you will be entitled to a full refund and compensation to cover costs, to and from the venue.

Check out our table of approved venues that allow the use of legally prescribed medical cannabis on their premises. (Please review the information for each venue before your visit)

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