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Cannabis Is Faith Health History Culture Science Medicine Spirituality and more...

The origins of cannabis date back thousands of years. Numerous civilizations have used this versatile plant for a variety of purposes including medicine, farming, and spiritual practices. Despite the misconceptions and stigmas attached to cannabis, its many uses and benefits continue to be discovered and explored by scientists. By delving into the science, history, and spirituality of cannabis, a vast amount of knowledge can be gained about its impact on human health and well-being.

There is little doubt that cannabis has an intriguing story to tell. Its ability to relieve anxiety and pain, promote relaxation and creativity, and provide numerous other benefits make it truly remarkable. Join us on a journey of discovery, as we explore the incredible uses and benefits of this plant that has been used for millennia. Prepare to be fascinated and amazed by the myriad ways that cannabis can provide a positive influence on your life!


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Cannabis has been legal on prescription in the UK since 1st November 2018. Only specialist doctors on the GMC register can prescribe. Only a limited number of patients are prescribed by the NHS however, tens of thousands have signed up to private medical cannabis clinics across the UK.

To become a medical cannabis patient in the UK, you need to have a condition that can be treated with cannabis. If you suffer from psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar and some heart conditions you may find it challenging to get a medical cannabis prescription. Do not fear, if one clinic won’t accept you another may be able to provide treatment.

Yes, medical cannabis is available on the NHS. Although, only a handful of patients are offered this treatment by the NHS. Whereas tens of thousands of patients receive treatment privately. 

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Medical Cannabis accessed privately can be costly. Costs of consultations and medication have reduced over time, there are even more subsidised schemes available to patients allowing for cheaper treatment plans.

Yes! Some countries will allow you to take your medical cannabis with you and even some airlines may make reasonable adjustments to allow you to medicate on the flight if required.

Check out our list of countries that allow travel with medical cannabis here: Click Here!

Patients prescribed any medication should not be discriminate or prevented from treating themselves when necessary, which is defined within the Equality Act 2010. Although some venues won’t allow you to vaporise in the premises, service providers must make reasonable adjustments and accommodate patient needs.

Find venues that permit the use of medical devices on site: Click Here!

And find your nearest medical cannabis consumption lounge: Click Here!

Employees have rights to consume medication that improves their health and work ethics. Although, some jobs may require individuals not on certain medications. If this is the case, employees must undertake a risk assessment and make reasonable adjustments accordingly.

Find out more about your rights as an employee and what employers must do to ensure a safe and inclusive working environment: Click Here!

If you receive services or products that you are not satisfied with, you can follow our guides here: Click Here!

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