Take along your prescriptions or equivalent documents. If asked at the customs, you can present them to prove that you have the right to bring along your personal medication.

Further information about documents needed during travel can be found on the and websites.  

Transport the medicines in their original packaging and in your carry-on luggage. Make sure that your medication is stored correctly to retain its effectiveness during travel and foreign stay.

If your medication needs to be kept at low temperature, you should find out beforehand if that will be possible during your trip and at your destination. For example, insulin should be kept in a cold place but it must not freeze. Ask the manufacturer for information about how to store your medicine.  

Please note that if a package of medicine is broken, lost or stolen, or loses its effectiveness due to incorrect storage, Kela will not reimburse you for any medicine bought in replacement.                          

Necessary Details

To be allowed to bring a medicine to Finland, you must meet the following requirements:  

The medicinal product is intended for personal use .  The medicinal product is sold legally in the country from which they are ordered. The product has a marketing authorisation in the country where you purchased it or the product was purchased with a prescription issued by an authorised person  

You have purchased the product from a provider that is licensed to sell medicines   The seller is allowed to sell the product through retail in their own country   You can demonstrate that the product to be imported is intended for personal use   For prescription drugs, you must have a prescription or a medical certificate issued by an authorized person.

If you carry the product, you must also carry the documents. If you receive the product by mail, you must have the documents in your possession before receipt  

Contact Details/Documents


Medical: Legal

Recreational: Illegal

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