A traveller who needs to bring medical cannabis into Belgium as part of medical treatment must be able to justify this with a valid medical prescription. I also recommend that you have a statement in English written by your treating doctor clearly stating that the medicine serves for your personal medical treatment. These documents do not need to be delivered to us in advance for validation. It is sufficient that you have the documents with you when you travel.  

Please note that Belgian pharmacies are not legally allowed to dispense medical cannabis. Thus, the maximum amount of medication taken to Belgium should not exceed the treatment duration of three months.  

Travellers should take their medicines with them in the original packaging.

Necessary Details

– Doctor’s Note  

– Copy of Prescription  

– Medicine in Original Packaging  

– Quantity should not exceed 3 months of treatment

Contact Details/Documents

Contact :  


{Medicinal cannabis (dry buds) containing tetrahydrocannabinol: dispensing this type of product in Belgium is prohibited by the Royal Decree of 11 June 2015 regulating products containing one or more tetrahydrocannabinols. As a public service, we cannot validate a Schengen declaration for a product whose dispensing is prohibited in Belgium. – Source}


Medical: Legal (Sativex Only)

Recreational: Illegal

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