Patients who have prescription medicines containing addictive substances (e.g. painkillers or psychopharmaceuticals such as antidepressants) should take note of the following points when entering Austria:      

For stays of up to five days, medication containing addictive substances can be brought into the country without an additional certificate. Please note, however, that in the case of prescription medicines, evidence of your personal needs always has to be provided.  

For stays of over five days and up to 30 days, these medicines can only be brought into the country with a prescription of your doctor at home. The form according to Annex X of the Addictive Drugs Regulations is recommended as a prescription form.  

The amount you bring with you may not exceed your requirements for 30 days. For stays lasting more than 30 days you can have the medication prescribed by a doctor in Austria. In such cases, a letter from the doctor who is treating you in your home country is useful.  

Details on the permitted maximum amounts and additional information for travellers can be found on the website of the United Nations: International Narcotics Control Board

Necessary Details

Carry Letter From Doctor (Bring a German translated copy)

Bring Medication in Original Container Up to 5 days or complete the prescription form linked Carry no more than 30 days use (Austrian Doctors may be able to source? Doctor’s letter required for this

Contact Details/Documents

Bringing medication into Austria –      

Prescription form if exceeding 5 days and up to 30 days stay –


Medical: Legal (Sativex Only)

Recreational: Decriminalised

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